3 Great Arts and Leadership, International Events 2016!


It’s a New Year and a new opportunity to celebrate all that we have to be grateful! In 2016, you’re invited to sample any or all of the 3 unique International workshops and events that are taking Leadership to a whole New level for leaders and for girls! Experience and expand your creativity, passion and service through the Girl Scout, Girl Guide network while traveling to fascinating places and meeting amazing friends, new and old! Renew, Reboot and Get Inspired…all in the safety and comfort of our Global World Centers for Girl Guides and Girl Scouts!

#1 ARTS4CHANGE 2016! It is my delight to invite you to a Life Changing Event happening at Sangam World Center, in Pune India, March 20 – 29th, 2016.Do you love to act, to sing, dance, play music, paint, write poetry, take pictures and spend time creating ways to express yourself? Do you like helping people and making the world a better place? What if we told you thereʻs a special event and place where all of these exciting elements come together in a most beautiful, self-enriching, expansive way, to connect, transform and share your creativity?
Arts4Change 2016, is an experience that’s meant to help you increase your own artful insights, while meaningfully touching the lives of those involved.

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During our 10-Day workshop, you will:
-Discover how Art can change the world in an international setting
-Meet and make new HeArt-minded friends from all around the globe
-Connect and Explore your own creative style and expression
-Learn how to produce Arts4Change events in your own community
-Register Here for more information or to book in, please contact us at; guestservices@sangamworldcentre.org

Arts4Change is a journey of a lifetime for those who participate. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of India, to interact with girls and young women from the local community, all while offering your artful skills that open doors into your life and theirs.

And, Here is a tiny taste of what we experienced at Arts4Change, 2014 below!


#2 YOGA IN THE ALPS– Passion, Purpose and Leadership -The Art of Balance
A 5-Day Retreat for Body, Mind, Spirit:
Creative Arts, Spa and Yoga
with Jen Barron and Melinda Caroll,

As career women, moms and community leaders, we often find ourselves at places in life of powerful change and adaptation. For some, this can be stressful, for others, it’s an opportunity to question, re-evaluate what is important to us. Either way, we’re guided to discover a new center inside ourselves, a newer version of who we are in the world. But how do we maintain our balance while transforming the life we live, into a more fulfilling life we love?

During our retreat, you will:
• Learn and Practice new skills for centering and balancing, anywhere, anytime.
• Relax and enjoy the Swiss Alps, waterfalls, hikes and daily outdoor activities.
• Connect and Explore your own creative arts style and expression.
• Meet and make new HeArt-minded friends from all around the globe!Set amidst the exquisite beauty of the Swiss Alps at Our Chalet, this retreat is a playful, relaxing and creative opening to reset, restore and re-energize. Through song, meditation, movement and the healing influence of Nature, we will practice the art of presence, and heart-centered listening, celebrating our authentic selves.

Join Melinda and Jen for this unforgettable 5-Day experience where together, as women leaders, we create new stories for ourselves and the world.

With work and family, home and friends, how do we balance it all and still have time for ourselves? From May 20 – 22, 2016 at Pax Lodge in London, LIVING YOUR SONG  is a metaphor for the creative expression of who you are and aspire to be in the world. As a change-maker and leader, we’ll “find our voice” through singing, songwriting, and mindful movement all in the spirit of play and discovery of what we are truly passionate about!
We hope you can join us for one or even all three of these workshops!!

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