img_8878sMelinda Caroll is a professional Singer/Song-writer, a National Song-leader for Girl Scouts of the USA, 5-Rhythms Dance teacher, a Mother, a Grandmother and fearless collaborator with children. She has written, recorded and produced 28 albums, numerous singles and published 13 songbooks of children’s music. She has performed in hundreds of concerts and created and facilitated numerous world-wide song-writing and song leading workshops for Girl Scouts of the USA and the Global Women’s Organization, WAGGGS, since 1989. Melinda brings creativity, inspiration, imagination and passion to the art of singing, original song-writing and story telling and loves sharing her gifts and experience with children and adults world-wide. A Hawai’i resident and life-long Hawaiian Cultural and Music student, Melinda believes in ART as a catalyst for positive social and environmental change and an empowerment tool for Girls’ Leadership.


Inspirational Explorations to Enhance Singing and Creativity! 

(*Workshops can be 1, 2 or 3 days and are typically scheduled on the weekends, Friday, 6 to 9 pm, and/or Saturdays, 9 to 4 pm with a 1-hour lunch break and/or Sundays from 9-4 pm, with a 1-hour lunch break.)


When We Shine

3-Day-Themed Workshop that embodies The Arts and Creativity to Empower Change-Makers. Theater, Dance, Photography, Visual Arts, Song and Poetry are some of the forms of story-telling for individual purposeful expression. That, combined with community partnership is a powerful vehicle for growing good in your community. Integrated into your current program or platform, this workshop takes up to a year of planning and preparation to make a lasting difference in the lives of your girls! (Ages 14+, up to 100 participants)

Living Your Song

For those who Love to sing, call up your voice as an instrument for Leadership. This workshop includes lots of singing, with new vocal and body awareness skills and techniques that include meditation and Yoga. Identify ways to take action about what you’re passionate about. Explore, Discover and Celebrate your authentic voice and leadership style.

(Ages 13+, up to 60 Participants)


It’s Your Story

Singing, Dancing and Story-telling are a deeply embedded part of our DNA. This is a Songwriting workshop with a toolkit for creating your own songs and chants. Here, we call up our passion, presence and power through original song and creative movement. Together, we’ll write a group song, plus each participant will learn to write and sing their own song for healing, inspiration and growth.

(Ages 10 +, up to 25 Participants)


Virtual Sing-Alongs & Song Leader Trainings with Melinda. (Ages 14+). (Suggested Topics.)

(Each Webinar consists of a 1-Hour educational singing and musical training session for 24 to 1000 Participants. Free Mp3 Downloads are included with each Session.)

-Harnessing the Power of Song

-Age- Appropriate Songs, Singing Styles and Techniques to Engage

-How to Add Song Enrichment and Music to Programs

-How to Create Your Own Singing Circle

-Song-Leaders Rock – a Guide to Leadership through Music!


Concerts with Melinda Caroll


House Concert

Special Music for Special People…Create an unforgettable intimate evening with songwriter and guitarist, Melinda Caroll. Travel with her around the world as she sings and shares stories in this 2-hour up-close and personal concert. Original compositions plus new music, songs, poems and chants that have been lovingly collected from her global travels through multiple cultures and women’s singing circle traditions, will take you on an expanded journey of heart and soul. Designed for 40 to 60 people

Concerts for 1500+

Promote your council/region, invite new membership and/or celebrate your girls with a 1.5 hour Themed Concert/Sing-Along/Dance Party with Melinda. Included, is an All-Girl Choir (up to 50 girls, ages 8 to 18) musical prep ahead for participation in the concert. Mp3’s and YouTube videos of the songs sung in concert, will be provided for the girls to learn, including the movements and dance steps, for joining Melinda onstage. 2 to 3 rehearsals will be required for the choir, before Melinda arrives, to integrate their singing and practice their choreography, with at least 1 of those rehearsals with Melinda to feature your local "stars" in the program/performance. Melinda will also happily appear for your local TV and/or Radio Shows for promotions and advertisement for your event, if it’s open to your community.


Concert / Workshop Combo 

House Concert and a Creative Music Workshop w/ Melinda

Choose to create an intimate evening for your most prominent donors and supporters on a Friday, then add a Fun-Filled Saturday from 9 to 4 pm with a 1-hour lunch break to invite your leaders, staff and older girls to an Educational and Creative Musical workshop opportunity of your choice, Living Your Song, or It’s Your Story. Affordable, Play-Full, Informative and Inspiring, let Melinda add value to your programs and trainings! Warning: Singing is Contagious!


Bookings may include the following*:


  1. A Professional Fee* for Melinda Caroll’s services.
  2. Round trip airfare, Hotel and Transportation and $75.00 per-diem for Melinda if appearing in person.
  3. Venue, Sound System and Trinitron or large visual screen to display music videos, and lyrics to the songs if applicable.
  4. Virtual Webinars and Online Programs are priced differently according to group participation and topic preparation.


(*Fees for agreed bookings vary according to individual needs and requirements.)


We love hearing from you and receiving news and ideas of more great songs for girls! Please write and let us know about your favorite sing-alongs and inspiring music!

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