MCM4G Vol. 2 – The Wind Beneath Our Wings – Album


Vol. 2, The Wind Beneath Our Wings

Our International choral album is the result of a 1998 Hawaii Wider-Op called “Music Shall Live.” Recorded by Girl Scout Cadette & Seniors (Ages 14 -18) for their peers, this collection of songs features 7 different languages.

You Gotta Sing:
We Change the World (Choral):
The World Song:
The Windmill Song:
The Thanksgiving Canon:
Swinging Along:
Sussex Campfire Song:
Shalom Chaverim:
Pokare Kare:
Music Alone Shall Live:
Ira Congo:
I Love the Mountains:
America the Beautiful (1964 clip):
America the Beautiful:
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Vol. 2 is an International choral album, the result of a 121 Girl Choir and Recording Wider-Op called “Music Shall 
Live!” which took place in Hawaii, in 1998. Recorded by Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts, the songs sung feature 7 different languages, including, Maori, Hebrew, Congolese, French and German, and includes the songs, America the Beautiful, and We Change the World/Girl Scout Rap!

From Melinda Caroll…”Music and song communicate what we often cannot say with words alone. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have worked with such a talented and inspiring group of young women, and to them I say “Mahalo Nui Loa” (Thank You Big Time!) It is my sincere wish that this music will ignite a flame that rekindles the love and joy that music brought into our lives during our 1998 10-day Wider Op and will carry over into yours. Together in music, “We Change the World.”

Produced by: Melinda Caroll

Engineering and Co-Artistic Director: David Kauahikaua

Mastered by: Kit Ebersbach, Pacific Music Productions

Arrangements: Melinda Caroll and David Kauahikaua

Musicians: David Kauahikaua – keyboards, synth programming, and ethnic percussion.

Melinda Caroll – lead vocals on “America the Beautiful”, The Wind Beneath My Wings”, “You Gotta Sing”, “This Pretty Planet”, and “Aloha My Friend.”

Robert Nishida – acoustic guitar and Gibson ES-175

Owana Salazar – Hawaiian steel guitar

Vocalists: “Music Shall Live” 121-member Music Shall Live 1998 Wider Op Choir

Soloists: Gloria Johnson – “The Wind Beneath My Wings”; Erin Byrne – “Shalom Chaverim”; Nena Gadson, Nisha Leen Sinha Roy, Marjorie Thomas, Kelly Shea, Tamieko Spurlock – “We Change the World / Girl Scout Rap”; and Gloria Johnson and Erin Byrne – back-up vocals for “Pokare Kare” and “You Gotta Sing”.

1998 “Music Shall Live” features the Wider Op Choir

121-Member, Music Shall Live Wider Op Choir:

Elise Balzer, Kendra Beauvais, TJ Blackburn, Tara Blackburn, Elizabeth Boland, Melissa Borja, Erin Brinton, Saundra Bunton, Kate Burnsed, Erin Byrne, Kathryn Campbell, Sara Campbell, Megan Candio, Katherine Casey, Katrina Clay, Elizabeth Clemens, Cari Cramer, Vishnupriya Dasgupta, Patti Davis, Lisa Duprey, Emily Ennis, Erin Erickson, Merina Esparza, Elizabeth Eyerer, Cydney Ferguson-Brey, Erin Filipp, Laura Frame, Rebecca Fraze, Michelle Freidel, Shandi Freier, Nena Gadson, Sarah Gaillot, Melissa Garvey, Angela Gashaw, Carole Gedenberg, Teresa Giardina, Bryn Glaude, Kathleen Golden, Olga Gonzalez, Jenifer Gursky, Claire Hackney, Tevya Harley, Jasmine Harris, Rebecca Harris, Rachel Haymer, Christie Herold, Kiyo Hosokawa, Ayako Honda, Adria Howell, Rebecca Hughs, Hilary Ingoldsby, Marie Ingoldsby, April Irizarry, Karen Jesse, Gloria Johnson, Amanda Jones, Julie Katherman, Laura Kay, Lisa Kehrer, Brandis Keller, Gina Keller, Kerry Kelly-Cochrane, Brandace King, Emily Kluesenar, Yvette Kong, Megan Kosaka, Audrey Leedom, Ashley Liles, Rena Lopez, Sara Lyon, Sarah Manda, Alissa Maness, Elizabeth Mann, Karla May Martir, Laura Mazurk, Yesenia McNett, Sarah Mills, Elizabeth Moats, Jill Moth, Jessica Nelson, Jasmine Neves, Stephanie Nielsen, Kaci O’Brien, Ashleigh Ownes, Ju-Yuen Park , Jennifer Ozura, Shaun Ann Peters, Emily Petr, Andrea Phillips, Kelly Phillips, Caroline Poon, Kathy Powell, Jennifer Raby, Erica Reinsch, Alia Rezek, Rose Rossi, Hilerey Sample, Kelly Shea, Nisha Sinha Roy, TaMieka Spurlock, Rae Marie Stack, Ellen Steichen, Samantha Stevens, Andrea Surless, Monica Swinney, Marjorie Thomas , Lily Thomas, Tracy Tietge Meghan Troxel, Kathleen Vazoulas, Vina Cleofe Velasco, Adalee Velasquez, Krystel Viehmann, Melissa Voorhis, Billi Walker, AdrianneWarren, Rebecca Warren , Rebecca Watts, Brianne Widaman, Andrea Wynn, and Colleen Zimmer.

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