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Vol. 3, Growing Strong is the quintessential collection of classic, action-packed, high-energy songs for girls ages 5 to 9. Originally released in 1999, it includes Girl Scouts of the USA’s Millennium theme song, Growing Strong and features 5 different languages.

White Coral Bells:
When E’er You Make A Promise:
This Little Light of Mine:
The Frogs:
The Crocodile Song:
The Bear Song:
Tell Me Why:
Sakura (Cherry Trees):
Make New Friends:
Hey, hey, hey, Jubilee Hey!:
Growing Strong:
Back of the Bread:
A Ram Sam Sam:
A Friendly World:
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Vol. 3 Growing Strong is a collection of classic action-packed, high-energy songs for 5 to 8 year olds. Originally released in 1999, it includes Girl Scouts of the USA’s Millennium theme song, Growing Strong and features 5 different languages, including Hebrew, Hawaiian, Japanese, and French. Favorite songs include, The Bear Song, Kookaburra, White Coral Bells and The Brownie Smile Song.

From Melinda Caroll…”What a fun and curious age level to be entering the new millennium! This new century poises our youngest Girl Scouts® on an amazing threshold where they stand looking toward an abounding future. As Girl Scouts®, we all hold the ideal that all dreams are possible. Our youngest girls now have opportunities that were unfathomable in the 20th century. They will see the cures to many diseases, a powerful calling to world peace, and instant communication to anyone, anywhere!

Events that once seemed like marvels, are now daily occurrences! This is truly a time in history when girls are GROWING STRONG! Our combined impact in Girl Scouting is being felt and heard throughout the world! Beyond the threshold, we see our path illuminated by the light that emanates from our founder, Juliette Gordon Low. Her curiosity, passion, and inventiveness will guide us, and our young girls, into a world where women are full and equitable stakeholders…May our songs lead the way! Let our voices, young and old, carry this message through our music! Let’s joyfully Sing Out about it! After all… We are the GIRL SCOUTS®… WHERE GIRLS GROW STRONG!”



Let our millions of voices join in song, as we launch the new century of

empowering GIRL SCOUT programs! Exciting new advocacy initiatives are

helping today’s Girl Scout Councils to reach and involve ALL girls in this

timeless Movement of ours. Inspired by the STRONGEST Girl Scout of all, our

Founder, Juliette Gordon Low …the greatest portion of the past century

has produced some of the nations most SUCCESSFUL and STRONG women !

So let the spirit of GIRL SCOUTING continue from this century, to the next, and beyond!

We dedicate this new Girl Scout song to the Growth of our Movement, and most

especially to the GROWTH of all girls… we all are GROWING STRONG!

Melinda Caroll & Joyce Richards

TWO GROWN UP GIRL SCOUTS…. who love to sing!

Produced by: Melinda Caroll

Engineering & Co-Artistic Director: David Kauahikaua

Mastered by: Kit Ebersbach, Pacific Music Productions

Arrangements: Melinda Caroll & David Kauahikaua

Musicians: David Kauahikaua – keyboards, synth programming, ukulele, & percussion.

Melinda Caroll – lead vocals & Acoustic Martin Guitar & ukulele

Robert Nishida – acoustic guitar & Gibson ES-175

George Rosete – percussion

Vocalists: St. Andrews Priory Girl Scout Middle School Choir, under the direction of Diane Koshi & Girl Scout Troop #259 & #260 sang backgrounds on “We’re All Together”, Melinda Barrows, Jennifer Cramer, Nani Elm, Jackie Kuo, Diana Mistele, Lorelle Saxena, Shellie Yamashita.

Soloists: Roslyn Catracchia, Loretta Ables, Kila de Mello, Nani Makahanaloa, Rea Fox, & Anita Hall


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