The Evolution of Digital Music and Girl Scouts of the USA!

Girl Scouts of the USA has a new Digital Download Music Store!

Girl Scout Sing-Alongs are Herstoric! In the early days of Scouting and Guiding at meetings and camps, you were expected to sing before your meals, at taps, campfire, the raising and lowering of the flag, plus every ceremony you can think imagine! And how about those 10,000 girl round-ups, where singing was the purpose… for a whole week or longer!! Often and Loud and Proud was the popular attitude, with or without musical accompaniment!
Through the years, Music for Girl Scouts and Girl Guides has changed and adapted easily with our casual style of adding in the popular songs of the day, those mixed with graces, church songs, plus a broad assortment of ethnic and genreʻ styles of our International family! But in the past, maybe you could find someone to teach you the song, or locate and purchase the sheet music, plus usually the gather up and make your own home-printed songbooks or words to hand around to each girl, all of which took no small effort from some very committed volunteer song leaders!
Today, finding the right songs and music has one major difference from days gone by and that is “Convenience!”

The song leadersʻ commitment is still required, of course, but whatʻs really changed about music now is the EASE at creating a cool song-list and downloading free lyrics and the digital soundtracks at your fingertips, or at least at the closest smart phone! And of course, your girls are the ones “in the know” about digital tunes, from country to hip hop, from folk to pop!
For those still kicking and screaming toward the inevitable, here are a few simple links that may inspire you to make the crossover into the digital world of music for your smartphone and/or computer! And if all else fails, Iʻve learned that you can always ask the nearest 10-year old to teach you the latest in that world!

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Summer is here which means time to get your camp-songs ready! You can still find original used copies of Girl Scouts Greatest Hits CDs for sale on Amazon, but the only place you’ll find our best song-packed Pocket Songbooks 1 and 2 is at the Girl Scouts of Northern California’s Online Shop. Just in time for Campfire Sing-Alongs, Cambria, their Dir. of Retail, Cambria, will happily ship them to you – contact: or call 510.562.8470 ext. 7016!
When considering the evolution of our beloved music and songs in the Girl Scout and Girl Guiding Movements, we celebrate the fact that this tradition has never been easier or more relevant to include! Every program, meeting, project, ceremony or activity can be enhanced with singing and music and this is one tradition that we believe is here to stay!
Whether itʻs classic sing alongs, ceremonies, and campfire songs youʻre looking for, to Flash Mob ideas or Friendship Dance Parties, weʻve got it here! We are definitely celebrating the Convenience of Downloading Digital Music at Girl Scouts of the USA! Please try it and tell us about your experience!


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