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Aloha and Welcome,

My name is Melinda Caroll and I am honored to introduce you to a new concept in Music Arts Advocacy for Girls! As a National Song leader and Songwriter for Girl Scouts of the USA over the last 25 years, it has been my deep honor and privilege to share in some of the highest musically transformative moments that our girl-empowered Movement has ever experienced!

While continuing to provide music for Girl Scouts of the USA, we are now opening up our resources to an even broader vision for girls, their leaders and communities around the globe! These communities include The World Association of Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, (WAGGGS), currently active in 146 Countries, Girls Inc., whose members participate in 43 states of the U.S. plus Alberta and Ontario, Canada, and the World YWCA, who is active in 120 countries. This is our Global Family and we are adding new Sister-Families everyday!

Our mission remains the same: Grow Aloha Through Music. We collect, create and provide empowering, galvanizing songs and music resources for girls, leaders and families that inspire peaceful community relations for global transformation. Simply put, for peace to come in our lifetime, we must help girls rise up in their own communities and into global leadership positions. Our music resources are designed to inspire and help build conscious connections through Music Arts.
There is currently a phenomena of  girls rising throughout the planet through many different groups and organizations. We are here to help align their message with their mission through the power of music and song. We are here to help raise the power of girls and other girl advocacy groups, worldwide and we invite your input and suggestions in further reaching out, in gathering and connecting our resources.

It is our intention to be the Go-To Portal as the largest library of diverse, age-appropriate songs, stories and messages for girl, songs that are relevant, fun, inspiring and entertaining. We help girls realize and understand their global connections, and feel their big sisters helping little sisters, community support through song. We start with the youngest adding positive messages of strength and diversity. Our music is funny and light, deep and reflective and we are proud to share a wide spectrum of genreʻs, styles, moods and languages for all ages!


Last month, we officially launched a new series of new music and songs called, Itʻs Your Story at the GSUSA National Convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

This collection is unique because each song recorded was written by girls, for girls, sharing their personal stories and messages. This is the beginning of something new.

The songs from the girls and women from Saudi Arabia, South Dakota,Chicago, Hawai’i and india represented on this first recording, were creators in the songwriting process. They opened a door to their own musical abilities and writing expression with their words, their melodies and their rhythms. This first album was written through workshops with me, though future albums may include new songs written by girls on their own or with others. We will also be adding other similar music artists and collaborators to our roster of Girl-Powered songs and music. Again, we invite your input for ideas and contacts.



At the same time in Salt Lake City, we launched Volume 12 in our series, new album entitled, Dance and Sing, Ignite Your Dream – dedicated to Big Beats and moving your body! At the convention there were 2 Dance Flash Mobs. One, the zydeco Hokey Pokey and the other, Itʻs a 60ʻs Party, both songs easy for children and adults to join with little to no instruction. The simple act of giving permission to sing and to dance with others can open a new kind of creativity and communication to take place. Plus, itʻs good for you! And if it inspires you to share it with your group or girls, please do!


Our world is very small, but there is still a very large population of girls and women forced into silence. We are here to provide a venue for their voices and courage to be heard and shared widely! The power of song unleashed rises up and over every boundary and obstacle. Music gives wings to those needing a kindly lift. Singing gives heart when it is nowhere else to be found.



Our Vision is to unleash the power of song to transport us to a borderless world, a world where there is no violence toward girls and women, where they are valued and have an equal voice toward their future. Singing changes lives in the blink of an eye. We joyfully offer up songs that light up dark places, bringing stories to life that need to be told.


We recognize the living beauty of the art of music and song in every culture. We honor the diversity of people, animals, land, water and air, and all the essential elements of our lives and of our world. Our songs reflect these values of respect for nature and loving our world into balance. We encourage age-appropriate playful learning, creativity and empowerment through its expression.


We believe in the rise of the feminine spirit on the planet. It rises to guide humanity into a new era of peace and kindness. We are a voice for the feminine, for girls and for women in every corner of the earth. It is their power and wisdom we sing, celebrate and cherish.


We humbly thank you for joining us on this powerful journey, whenever you can, wherever you are. Every Great Journey Begins with Great Music and it’s even greater when itʻs sung together!
Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place for our girls!

With Warmest Aloha,
Melinda Caroll

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